Aliakomonas / Mesopotamia

Periphery: West Macedonia
Prefectures : Kastoria

Mesopotamia (Greek: ) is a municipality in the Kastoria Prefecture, Greece. Population 4100 (2001). The municipality is also known as Aliakmonas, named after the river Aliakmonas.


Mesopotamia has three Byzantine style churches. The most recent and largest is that of the cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul. The oldest church is the church of St.Constantine and St.Helen which contains the village cemetery, and the church of Saint Demetrios. The chapel of St. George is a few kilometers outside of the village.


Mesopotamia is a rural residential community. It's economy is entirely dependent on the agriculture of wheat. It also houses small private fur industry that is outsourced from the major fur traders of Kastoria. As the seat of the Aliakmonas municipality, Mesopotamia contains the Aliakmonas Municipal Building. It also contains a pharmacy, and a supermarket. The community of Mesopotamia has recently been linked to a branch of Northern Greece's brand new Egnatia Odos highway.

There is a Pontian Greek Cultural Center as well. This center supports and preserves the Pontian culture. It holds annual ceremonies on May 19 commemorating the Pontian Genocide at the Forest of Mesopotamia near the Aliakmon River. It maintains an active and growing dance group were people can go to learn Pontian dance. In addition, people can also learn how to play traditional Pontian musical instruments like the Pontian lyra, zourna, and tulum at the center. Finally, Mesopotamia also has bars and nightclubs that serve the local population


Mesopotamia has a football (soccer) team called Astrapi Mesopotamia or simply Astrapi (Grk.Αστραπή)and its'origin year is believed to be in the mid 1950's, 1956-1957. It hosts games at the Municipal stadium of Mesopotamia. Currently the team plays in the fourth division of Greece. In 2006 Astrapi finished 8th in its division.

Division of the municipality

  • Mesopotamia / Δ.δ. Μεσοποταμιάς [ 2506 ]
    • Mesopotamia / η [ 1802 ]
    • Kolokynthou / η [ 704 ]
  • Agia Kyriaki / Δ.δ. Αγία Κυριακή -- η [ 346 ]
  • Kalochorion / Δ.δ. Καλοχωρίου -- το [ 458 ]
  • Oinoi / Δ.δ. Οινόης -- η [ 583 ]
  • Pteria / Δ.δ. Πτεριάς [ 207 ]
    • Pteria / η [ 165 ]
    • Akontion / το Ακόντιον [ 0 ]
    • Kato Pteria / η [ 42 ]

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