Olympus Festival

DOlympus Festival (Greek: Φεστιβάλ Ολύμπου) is an annual Festival of music and theatre which takes place at the Ancent Theatre of Dion in Pieria, northern Greece. The festival is supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Dion as well as by other local authorities in Pieria Prefecture.

Many Greek singers, actors and actresses took part at the Olympus Festival during its 30 years of operation. Famous Greek artists like Maria Farantouri, Mario Frangoulis, George Dalaras, Nana Mouskouri, Anna Synodinou, Thimios Karakatsanis, Dimitris Mitropanos and many others have been appeared at the Dion Theatre.

The Olympus Festival takes place every summer in the town of Dion, just 10 km away from Katerini and less than 70 km far from Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki.

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