Battle of Giannitsa

Battle of Giannitsa

Battle of Giannitsa
Part of First Balkan War
Date: October 19-20 (O.S.) 1912
Location: Giannitsa, Greece
Result: Greek victory
Kingdom of Greece Ottoman Empire
Crown Prince Constantine Gen Hasan Tahsim Pasha
80000 men, 120 guns ca. 25000 men, 30 guns
188 dead, ca. 973 wounded no official data

The Battle of Giannitsa (Greek: Μάχη των Γιαννιτσών) was a battle between the Greeks and the Ottomans. The Turk (Greek speaking) commander was Tahsim Pasha from Ioannina. The battle took place on October 20/November 2, 1912. The Greek Army defeated the Ottomans, opening the way towards Thessaloniki. The city of Thessaloniki was protected from Sea by the canons at Karabournou. It was raining during the battle.

Battle of Giannitsa, 20/21. 10 .1912

Lithography, Artist unknown

Battle of Giannitsa, Battle of Giannitsa,


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First Balkan War

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