Giannitsa or Yannitsa (Greek: ) is a town part of the Giannitsa municipality in Greece in the Pella Prefecture.

It is the largest city in the Greek "Macedonian Plains" region, and is chiefly an agricultural centre. Not far from the city are the Ancient Ruins of Pella, birthplace and capital of Alexander the Great. Giannitsa is built on the site of a former lake, and its Ottoman remains include a watchtower. Its centre has many shops. The town is home to 26.296 people (2001), and its attractions include the annual fair, the "Paniyiri", which runs for two weeks every September.


The "Pezodromo" is the paved mall of Giannitsa. Built in a cross shape, it lies at the centre of the city. Many banks and the post office of the town is here.

The Park at the Centre of Giannitsa, or "Plateia Mangou", is the meeting place of six streets that lead out of the city in all directions. Monuments, statues and a small park are at the centre, whereas there are lots of shops around the sides of the roundabout.

"Mitropolis Church" is the largest church in Giannitsa.

The "Filipio" is a hill near the Mitropolis Church. Filipio has a cafeteria and a large park, as well as a monument to Philip II of Macedon (Φίλιππoς Β'), ancient king of the Greek Macedonians.

"Ayios Georgios Park" includes a large park with ponds, rivulets and bridges, as well as many trees. There is also a playground and a church, dedicated to Ayios Georgios.

The "Pazari" is the weekly market that meets every Thursday. Here, people from Giannitsa and the outlying farming villages can buy and sell fresh produce.

"Plateia Pikpa" is the bus station at the centre of Giannitsa. Many shops line the streets from Pikpa to both the Pezodromo and the Pazari.

The "Paniyiri" is the annual two-week-long fair that is held in Giannitsa every September.

The new Sports Complex has many football fields, basketball courts, a traffic school and a large walking track to serve the people of the city.

Most people of Giannitsa live in four to six storey high apartment blocks. Some are very pretty, but others can be a bit bland. The apartment blocks around Ayia Paraskevi are some of the best in the city.

The Ottoman watchtower still stands today, although it is not much appreciated and somewhat covered in graffiti. There are some old Ottoman houses that have remained since 1913.

The Ancient Ruins of Pella are just five kilometres out of Giannitsa. This is the birthplace of Alexander the Great. Among things to see here are the Macedonian Palace, many mosaics, and the remains of the House of Dionysius, whose columns appear today on many other famous buildings throughout the world.

Giannitsa is known also due to the book of Penelope Delta Ta Mystika tou Valtou (The Secrets of the Swamp; 1937), which was set around the Lake of Giannisa in the early 20th century, when the Greek struggle for the liberation of Macedonia was unfolding.

The Secrets of the Swamp

Division of the municipality with a population 31442

  • Giannitsa / Τ.δ. Γιαννιτσών [ 29.364 ]
    • Giannitsa / τα [ 26.296 ]
    • Archontikon / το Αρχοντικόν [ 231 ]
    • Asvestareion / το Ασβεσταρειόν [ 35 ]
    • Damianon / το Δαμιανόν [ 381 ]
    • Eleftherochorion / το Ελευθεροχώριον [ 93 ]
    • Leptokarya / η Λεπτοκαρυά [ 215 ]
    • Mesianon / το Μεσιανόν [ 341 ]
    • Paralimni / η Παραλίμνη [ 816 ]
    • Pentaplatanon / το Πενταπλάτανον [ 956 ]
  • Ampeleies / Τ.δ. Αμπελειών -- οι Αμπελείες [ 1.095 ]
  • Melission / Τ.δ. Μελισσίου -- το Μελίσσιον [ 983 ]

Battle of Giannitsa


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