Argolic Gulf

The Argolic Gulf (Greek: Αργολικός Κόλπος Argolikós Kólpos) is a small gulf off the east coast of the Peloponnese, Greece, opening into the Aegean Sea. Its main island is Spetses. This gulf and its islands are sometimes combined with the Saronic Gulf and Saronic Islands, with the result called the Argo-Saronic Gulf and the Argo-Saronic Islands. It is surrounded by two prefectures, Arcadia and Argolis. The main island that is in the gulf is Bourtzi, a small island with a castle which is now a monument.

The gulf is crossed by ferry routes from Nafplio and Spetses and Hydra and Spetses and Leonidi.

The cities and towns that lie next to the gulf are:

Leonidi, SW
Astros, W
Myloi, NW
Nea Kios, NW
Nafplio, N
Tholo, N
Iria Beach, NE
Porto Cheli, SE
Spetses, SE

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