Nea Kios

Nea Kios and Nafplion, Satellite image

Prefecture: Argolis
Province: Province of Argos

37.583/37°35' N lat.
22.743/22°44'35 E long
Population: (1991)

Argolic Gulf
5 m(centre)
around 6 m
Postal code: 210 53
Area/distance code: 11-30-27510 (030-27510)-5
Municipal code: 0415
Car designation: AP
3-letter abbreviation: NKA
Address of administration: 1 Christou Deli St.
Nea Kios 210 53

Nea Kios (Greek: ), is a village and the seat of the municipality of Lerna in the southwestern part of the prefecture of Argolis. The old GR-7 is about 6 km south. and is passed by the Myloi - Nafplio Road which is rarely connecting by Tripoli and Ancient Epidavros which is not GR-70. The nearest train station connecting with the line of Kalamata - Tripoli - Argos - Corinth is in Myloi. It is located 6 km S of Argos and about 60 km S of Corinth, about 120 km WSW of Athens, about 6 km W of Nafplio, about 50 km W of Ancient Epidaurus, N of Leonidi and Astros and about 60 km E of Tripoli. It is a municipality that does not have any communes

Nea Kios means "New Kios", from Kios (lat. Cius) a Greek colony near the modern town Gemlik in Turkey.

Nearest places

Myloi, E

Historical population

Year Communal population Municipal population
1981 2,272 -
1991 2456 2456

Myloi has a school, a church, a post office, beaches, a port and a square (plateia) including the Kentriki Plateia, the Central Square. The village also has a spring in the area. Nea Kios also has hotels. The area in the south is surrounded by the Argolic Gulf and is the northernmost town in the gulf.

Forests dominate the west and within the shores of the Argolic Gulf. The rest are farmlands and orange groves.

Much of the area in the northeast are used for farming while forests surround the town and the coastline, the rocky landscape of the mountains lie to the west.

The entire municipality is surrounded by Argos. The Argolic Gulf is to the south.

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