Greek National Road 76

Greek National Road 76 (Pyrgos - Andritsaina - Megalopoli) is an west to east highway linking 2 km W of Krestena with GR-9/E55, Andritsaina and SE of Megalopoli (until 2003, in Megalopoli). The highway west to Andritsaina is unofficially designated as GR-76 The west to east highway runs in the western and the central part of the Peloponnese. Much of the highway runs with curvy roads. The highway begins 2 km W of Krestena and runs into the valley in the northern part, it later runs entire. The It runs through the forests and about two narrow bridges. It runs into a mountain west and near the grasslands north of Andritsaina. The highway for 1 km is only narrowly one-laned. The highway runs into the pine forests east of Andritsaina and runs around a mountain mainly bushy and underneath the bridge. The highway passes into a modern bridge where at the bottom lies an old wooden bridge and also passes over an ancient highway linking Patras and Kalamata via Sparta. The highway runs into the valley with groves and into a few villages. The highway runs into Megalopoli and ends into the downtown square. It runs into the prefectures of Ilia and Arcadia. It is the only highway connecting with Pyrgos and Megalopoli. There are no bypasses.

Length: about 90 km from 2 km W of Krestena to Megalopoli.


The highway in the eastern part became paved in the mid-20th century. In the late 1980s as part of the highway plan to access central and northern Ilia and southwestern Arcadia. The highway was only painted from Andritsaina to Megalopoli. The highway in mid-1999 suffered a mudslide nearly 1 to 2 km SE of Krestena. It cut off roads for a few days before a narrow gravel detour was created. The highway became painted in 1999 from Andritsaina to 2 km W of Krestena.


  • 2 km W of Krestena
  • SW of Krestena, junction with the Olympia - Krestena Road
  • near Grikas
  • Kallithea
  • junction with the road to Tropaia
  • Junction with the road to Kato Figaleia, Tholo and Kyparissia
  • Andritsaina (45th km)
  • junction with the road to Karitaina, Dimitsana and GR-74
  • NE of the Megalopoli Nuclear Station
  • road to ancient Megalopoli
  • Megalopoli
  • N of Leontari (northbound), joint with the old GR-7.
  • Interchange with the new GR-7/E55

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