Greek National Road 82

Greek National Road 82 (Pylos - Kalamata - Sparti) is a west to east highway linking Pylos with the GR-9/E55, Kalamata and downtown Sparta with GR-37/E???. The highway begins in downtown Pylos and runs through the southwestern part of Messenia and through curvy roads and through Lykodimos and intersects with a road linking to Petalidi and Koroni. The highway passes in the northern part of the Messenian Gulf and bypasses Messene to the south. The highway runs passes through a straight ling and south of the Kalamata Airport and aligning next to the abandoned railway. The highway has a joint with Greece Interstate 82 and by-passes north of Kalamata. It was previously 2 km north of downtown. NW of the city ends a joint and runs next to the river to the north and passes into the Taygetus range with dangerous curves and runs upward to the pass and making it the only highway passing through the middle of the Taygetus range, the other highway, GR-38 (Gytheio - Areopoli) passes in the southern part, the westbound lanes run downward and west of the Taygetus. It also serves the junction of Pigi and Artemissia. The highway afterwards runs downward, upward for the westbound lanes. The stream runs south of the highway and passes into dangerous curves with two tunnel, one that is halfway and another is entirely with about 50 to 100 m below. It passes with a few junctions linking to other villages but not Mystras but the northern part. The highway intersects with a road connecting to Mystras and runs into an avenue in Sparta and east of the Taygetus and 1 km eastward connects with GR-38 (Tripoli - Sparta - Gytheio). The highway runs entirely in the Peloponnese and into two prefectures, Messenia and Laconia.

Length: about 100 to 120 km


The highway in the eastern part became paved in the mid-20th century. It was paved from Pylos to Sparta. In the 2000s, the construction of the Kalamata Bypass began and is in the northern part. The bypass was complete in the mid-2000s and prior to that of the highway was with GR-7. The highway used to have a traffic light near the airport but it became abandoned.


  • Pylos
  • Lykodimo ranges
  • road to Petalidi and Koroni
  • north of the Messenian Gulf
  • Messene, bypasses
  • south of the Kalamata Airport
  • Joint with GR-7/E65 (Tripoli - Kalamata)
  • Kalamata By-pass, continues in the central part of the bypass.
  • end with the joint, runs north of Kalamata
  • The valley in the western part of the Taygetus
  • road to Pigi and Artemissia
  • pass, Messenia-Laconia prefectural boundary
  • downward
  • junctions with the northern part of Mystras
  • junction with a road to Mystras, east of the Taygetus
  • junction with GR-37 (Tripoli - Sparta - Gytheio)

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