Karabournaki, Thessaloniki

Karabournaki', also Karampournaki (Greek: Καραμπουρνάκι), Mikro Karabourou or -Karampourou (Μικρό Καραμπουρνού) or Mikro Emvolo (Μικρό Έμβολο). is the cape founded in Kalamaria south of Thessaloniki. The cape features tomes from a prehistoric settlement from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The most significant building of Karabournaki is the so-called "Kyvernion"(governmental House) also called as "Palataki"(little Palace); which was the official residence of the King and Queen of Greece during their visits in Thessaloniki. Moreover, many Greek Presidents as well as other important personalities that have visited Northern Greece have stayed there. Karabournaki, has two major streets: Themistokli Sofouli Street which leads from Thessaloniki's Music Hall to Kalamaria and Taki Ekonomidi Avenue which leads from the center of Kalamaria to the inner Municipality of Thessaloniki.

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