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Omplos, Oblos or Omblos (Greek: Ομπλός) is a mountain in the northern part of the prefecture of Achaia. It rises 720m above sea level. The mountain is shaped like a sugar-loaf, with a 65° slope. The mountain can be reached by three unused roads, one that leads almost to the top of the mountain, one linking to Ovrya in the West, and one in the East. It is about fifteen kilometres S.E. of Patras, seven kilometres from Exit 3 of the Patras Bypass, east of Ovrya, and about nine kilometres N.E. of GR-33. It is connected to a mountain range to the south, that rises up to 1100m.

Nearby Places

  • Ovrya, West
  • Krini, North-West
  • Saravali, North-West
  • Ekilistra, North


Much of the mountain is either grass or shrub. Pine forests lie to the north-east. The winding roads are to the north, and a disused mining area – about 300m long and about 250m deep – lies south of the Patras–Moira road.

It is bounded by the Glafkos river to the North, with the exception of the area of Achaia Clauss. Farmlands, including groves and pastures, lie to the West. A small creek rises in the West, and flows south-east of Omplos, though with little water during dry months. The creek flows down to the valley, into the centre of Ovrya, flows through the middle of the main road linking Ovrya and Paralia, finally emptying into the Gulf of Patras near the factory. Two rocky ledges and another range mountains lie to the south of Omplos, and further mountains lie to the south-east.

The Omplos Monastery is in the eastern part of the range. It is nine kilometres from the Patras–Saravali Road, which links with the Patras–Clauss Road, and is fifteen kilometres south-east of Patras.

The neighboring mountain range is the Panachaicus; there are others to the East, to the North-East, and to the South. There are plains and low-lying areas to the West.

Much of the mountain range is in Messatida; the boundary with Patras is the Glafkos river.

Views on a clear day include the panorama of hills in the south-western, western, and parts of central Achaia, the Erymanthus to the South, Scollis and Movri to the West, parts of the northern Ilia, and especially southern Aitolia-Acarnania and south-central Ionian.


Paragliding is very common in the North-West, near the top of the mountain. The sport has flourished here since the 1990s, and championships have been held, including one on March 6, 2004.

Elevation: around 600 to 1100 m
Latitude: 38.25/38°15" N
Longitude: 21.75/21°45" E
Area: around 100 km²
Location: east of Ovrya,
south of the Panachaiko
Length: approx. 10 km, north to south
approx. from 10 to 15 km from east to west
Easiest route: climb


Paragliding in Omplos

[http:// www.patras-paragliding.gr/de/oblos-de.html ] (in German; includes photos and history)

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