Port of Kyllini

The Port of Kyllini is the largest and busiest harbour of Elia in Greece. It is the peninsula's westernmost port. It carries cars, and automobiles to the harbours of Cephallonia at Poros, and Zante, at the city of Zante of the southern Ionian. It is a minor harbour, 50 km directly SW of Patras, 73km (originally 76) SW by road, 45 km (originally 46) from Pyrgos, 66km from Olympia. It is not as large as other harbours of Patras, and Greece. Operation is very small. The port is located not far from the centre of Kyllini.

Features, and Information

A playground, and a square is neighbouring the port. Buildings are founded between and into the port. beaches, restaruants, and hotels are located in the middle of the port. Before the closure of the railway, there was a railroad station that used to carry passengers by train. Now only the railroad hidden in bushes, and other types of grass remains without a train waiting to be seen.

The harbour has access by road from Chlemoutsi, Lechaina, Andravida, Amaliada or Amalias, the area of Pyrgos, Southern Elia, Varda, Lappa, Western Movri, and northern Messenia.

Fish is common in the ocean as the boats float away from the harbour. The most in the western Peloponnese. Tens of boats are in the harbour. Around 5 to 6 ferry boats are founded. Each carrying 3,000, sometimes 5,000 automobiles every day to the islands by boats owned by Ionian and Strintzis, 800 are carried to Kefallinia in and out of port of Poros, and thousands are carried to the port of the island of Zante each day.


The harbour was very small and carried only passengers. Improvements were made later and started the ferry service to the Ionian Islands. The harbour was extended by around 75 to 100 m. Lights from poles were begging to be lit. Later in the late 1990s, increasing amount of traffic led to a redevelopment and expansion of the port. The port's land increased to about 150 to 180 m further to the sea. The size of the port is now about 5,000 to 10,000 m². In 2001, train service was cut off or abandoned due to the opening of the road connecting direct traffic from Kyllini to Myrsini bypassing Neochori, like a beltway.

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