Thracian Sea

Thracian Sea from Space

The Thracian Sea (Greek: Θράκικος Πέλαγος Thrakikos Pelagos) is a sea that is part of the Aegean Sea and forms the northernmost point of the sea. Regions surrounding the sea are Macedonia and Thrace as well as northwestern Turkey. The entire stretch of the sea lies north of the 40th parallel. The length from east to west is from 23 W to about 25.8 E or from the Strymonian Gulf east to the northernmost part of the peninasula and the width from north to south is about 40.25 N to 41 N or from the Dardanelles north to the boundary between the Xanthi and the Rhodope prefectures. Islands includes Thasos and Samothrace in Greece and Bozcaada (Imvros in Greek, also Imroz) in Turkey. The bays and gulfs includes the Ierissian Gulf to the southwest, the Strymonian Gulf where the Strymon River empties, the Kavala Gulf and one in Turkey. Rivers empties into this portion of the gulf includes the Nestos and the Evros River/Meriç. The famous thermal springs are Loutra Eleftheron in Kavala.


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