Cius (or Kios in Greek, Kιος) was an ancient Greek town bordering the Propontis (now known as the Sea of Marmara), and had as such a long history, being mentioned by Homer, Aristoteles and Strabo. The city was visited according to Greek mythology by Heracles. Aristotle wrote about the laws of Cius (Kionon Politeia).

An important chain in the ancient silk road, it became known as a wealthy town. There are only few remnants of the ancient town and its harbour today. Somewhat more to the west, the new Turkish town of Gemlik can be found.

Nea Kios "New Kios" (Greek: Νέα Κίος) a village and the seat of the municipality of Lerna in the southwestern part of the prefecture of Argolis was named after the old Greek colony

Ariobarzanes I of Cius

Mithridates I of Cius

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