Keti Garbi

Keti Garbi

Keti Garbi (Καίτη Γαρμπή in Greek), (also Katy Garbi, Kaiti Garbi), (born June 8, 1963, in Egaleo, Athens) is a popular Greek singer in Greece and Cyprus.

Athenian born Keti, began her singing career with her younger sister Liana as the "Garbi sisters" when Keti was just 15 years old and Liana 13. Due to their tender ages their father was against their careers as singers but did not want to stand in any promising future the two might have. He always was there as a "guardian angel" to protect them. Keti learned from a very young age how to work and earn her way, she remembers she and Liana drinking milk during those preformances in clubs. The blue eyed beauty stayed close to her parents, who she adores deeply, until she got married in 1997 with pop idol Dionisis Schinas. In June of 1999 the couple had their first child, baby boy.

Young Keti and her sister Liana


In 1987, Keti sang a cover version of the famous song "Saint Trope". This song became a great success and helped her release her first album titled Prova (Trial) in 1989. At this point the two sisters separated their professional paths in quest for solo careers. "Prova" became a great success and in a short time Garbi became a popular figure, the Greek audience adored her.

In 1990 and 1991 she released Gyalia Karfia (Glass and Nails) and Endalma Silipseos (Warrant) respectively. Both albums had great acceptance and allowed her to penetrate into the Greek local music scene.

On her fourth album Tou Fegariou Anapnoes (The Moon's Breaths) Keti decided to sing more pop/popular tunes than just clean pop. As a result, this twist in her musical style awarded her with a gold album rising her to a new artistic level.

In 1993 she accepted the offer to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 1993. This event gave her career new opportunities and was what carved the path to her gold and platinum albums Os Ton Paradiso (Until Paradise) and Atofio Chrisafi (Pure Gold).

After her platinum album Arhizo Polemo (I'm Starting War) was released in 1996, she doubled her success with Evesthisies (Sensitivities), which reaching double platinum status.

For Christmas 1998, Keti, who cherishes the holidays, created a special album full of well known Christmas songs adapted to Greek lyrics by Eleni Giannatsoulia. This project was a long wished one by the popular artist. Also featured on this album titled "Hristougena Me Tin Keti" (Christmas With Keti) is the internationally known tenor K. Paliatsaras and the children's choir of St. Labros.

1999 saw Keti release her gold certified album Doro Theou (God's Gift). In 2000 she releases her project To Kati (That Something), which went 4× Platinum. In addition, pop singer Natassa Theodoridou did a duet with Keti on the hit single "Epitelous" (At last). The release of her platinum CD single "Ti theloune ta matia sou" (What your eyes want) followed.

In 2001 Garbi, along with her producer Yannis Doulamis, released Apla Ta Pragmata (Things are simple) a double album with 31 tracks. A special track has Keti singing duet with the band Antique during the song "Einai adiko kai krima." After that Keti co-operated with Christos Dantis, on the platinum single Mia kardia(One Heart). After that Keti worked with the group 667 on a song titled Aeraki(Breeze)which was included in the group's album. Keti won in 2002 an Arion Greek Music Award, for the Best Folk Female Singer of the Year. Nowadays Keti is a member of the Fame Story talent show featuring her vocals is included in the Planetworks album Albazzar 3. She has recently released a remake of a hit Turkish song which she has called Stohos.

Keti sacked her previous creative director Yannis Doulamis and hired Yiannis Doksas, who is a song-writer and a member of the Greek Sony-BMG board. She released her 14th studio album : "Pos Allazi O Keros" on October 23rd, 2006. Before the release of the album, the song "Isovios Desmos" (Lifetime Bond) sung in duet with ex-Fame Story contestant Stathis Raftopoulos, was a radio hit in Greece. A video-clip was then made to the title-track "Pos Allazei O Kairos", in the month following the release of the album.


  • Keti's nickname is Ketoula
  • Keti's main music genre is Modern Laika (Mostly known in Greece).
  • She is still active in Greece, Cyprus,Turkey and comes to the United States.
  • Her named can be spelled three different ways (Katy, Keti, and Kaiti).
  • The company that sells (and makes) her music is the Sony Music Entertainment Company.
  • One of her best friends is Anna Vissi
  • Her husband, also a singer, Dionisis Sxinas, asked her to marry him, live on a famous TV show.
  • Italian top designer Roberto Cavalli, made a cover with Keti for a popular Greek fashion magazine. Keti was also the first woman to wear Cavalli's new perfume.
  • Kaiti was selected by Alexander McQueen to be the first to wear his perfume Kingdom.
  • She has perfomed on stage with a number of the most successful greek singers such as Giorgos Tsalikis, Sakis Rouvas, Antonis Remos, Pasxalis Terzis, Tolis Voskopoulos, Antipas, Anna Vissi, ONE.

Keti Garbi To Kati CD


  • 1987 - Ta Hitakia
  • 1989 - Prova
  • 1990 - Gyalia Karfia
  • 1991 - Entalma Silepseos
  • 1992 - Tou Feggariou Anapnoes - Gold CD (40,000)
  • 1993 - Os Ton Paradeiso - Gold CD (40,000)
  • 1994 - Atofio Xrysafi - Platinum CD (100,000)
  • 1996 - Arhizo Polemo - 2X Platinum CD (180,000)
  • 1997 - Evesthisies - 2X Platinum CD (130,000)
  • 1998 - Hristougenna Me Tin Kaiti - Gold CD (25,000)
  • 1999 - Doro Theou - Gold CD (45,000)
  • 2000 - To Kati - 4X Platinum CD (240,000), 3X Platinum in Cyprus
  • 2000 - Ti Theloune Ta Matia Sou (CD Single) - Platinum CD (20,000)
  • 2001 - Apla Ta Pragmata - 2X Platinum CD (50,000), 2X Platinum in Cyprus
  • 2002 - Remixes (CD Single)
  • 2002 - Mia Kardia (CD Single) - Platinum CD (20,000)
  • 2003 - Emmones Idees - Platinum(40,000)
  • 2004 - Galazio Kai Lefko (CD Single)
  • 2005 - Eho Sta Matia Ourano - Gold (in Cyprus)
  • 2006 - Pos Allazei O Kairos

Keti Garbi Emmones Idees CD

She has a number of highly successful duets with important greek singers:

  • Anna Vissi ( Kalitera oi dio mas - Album: Kravgi - Anna Vissi)
  • Antique (Adiko kai krima - Album: Apla ta pragmata / Me logia Ellinika - Antique)
  • Antonis Remos (Asimfonia Xaraktiron - Album: Evesthisies)
  • Antonis Vardis (H Patrida mou - Album: Evesthisies)
  • Christos Dantes (Spaciba Baby - Album: Exo sta matia ourano)
  • Costas Tournas (Stigmes - Album: Apla ta pragmata / Ntoueta- Costas Tournas)
  • Dionisis Sxinas (Meiname monoi - Album: Pali edo - Dionisis Sxinas; Zisame - Album: S'agapo - Dionisis Sxinas)
  • Fivos Delivorias (O antras tis zois mou - Album: Halia - Fivos Delivorias)
  • Giorgos Tsalikis (Tha minei metaxi mas - Album: Mia Kardia - Tha minei metaxi mas - Giorgos Tsalikis)
  • Natasa Theodoridou (Epitelous - Album: Kati)
  • Stathis Raftopoulos (Isovios Desmos - Album: Pos allazei o kairos)
  • Thanos Kaliris (Erota, Erota mou - Album: Ena psema gia to telos - Thanos Kalliris)
  • Tolis Voskopoulos (Emeis - Album: Stigmes - Tolis Voskopoulos)
  • Yiannis Vardis (Poso tha thela - Album: Emmones idees)

Her cds Arxizo Polemo and Evesthisies both achieved multiplatinum status and are among the top 10 selling cds of the 90's.Her cd To Kati (4X platinum)is one of the best selling cds ever in Greek Discography, while it was the only cd to achieve 3X platinum status during 2000, making her the best selling artist of the year and one of the best selling ever. She is the best selling female singer of her genre (moderna laika) and only third after Anna Vissi and Charis Alexiou.

(A Gallery of a fan) (MP3 Source) Zisame (MP3), Kivotos (MP3)


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