Gioura / Youra

Periphery: Thessaly
Prefecture : Magnesia

Alonnisos Municipality

Gioura (or Youra) is an uninhabitated Greek island in the Northern Sporades chain. It is located 16 nautical miles from Alonisssos and 2 nautical miles from Kyra Panagia

In antiquity the island was known as Gerontia.

Gioura is known for its extraordinary "Cave of the Cyclops" on its southern side. The cave is the largest in the Sporades. Its opening faces the sea and leads into an area 40 x 50 metres with a height of 15 metres. The cave is "decorated" by many stalactites which have ceased developing.

The "Cave of the Cyclops" has been dug up with interesting finds not only from the classical and Roman periods but also from the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods indicative of hunting and fishing habits of that period.

Gioura is also home to a rare, protected species of wild goats - Apra hircus aegagrus.

Population: Uninhabited
Elevation: 0 - 573 meters Mt. Vouni
Location: Sporades, northeast of
Range: none
Type: N/A

Adamantios Sampson - "Excavation at the Cave of Cyclope, Youra". In E. Alram-Stern, ed., Die Agaische Frühzeit (2. serie). Forschungsbericht 1975-1993. Wien. pp. 507-520, 1996.

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Cyclops Cave

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