Krystallopigi, Florina

Krystallopigi (Greek: Κρυσταλλοπηγή) is a community of Florina prefecture. Population 660 (2001).

The main village of the community is also called Krystallopigi. After the Greek Civil War, the village was resettled with Aromanians from Epirus. Today they still form the majority of the towns population. Here is located the depopulated village Vambel.

Krystallopigi borders Albania to the west; Prespes municipality to the north; Korestia municipality, Kastoria Prefecture, to the east and southeast; and Kastraki community, Kastoria Prefecture, to the south. A major road border crossing into Albania is located here. The Albanian side of the border crossing is known as Kapshtica, 9 km east from Bilisht.


The bigger part of the population of Smerdesh in 19th and in the beginning of 20th century was Bulgarian. There were 1780 inhabitants in 1900.

Many residents of Smardesh took part in the struggle of IMORO. There was an illegal foundry and depot for hand grenades in 1903. The village was burned by Turkish troops and Albanian irregulars in May 1903.. It was plundered and burned for the second time in 1903 during the Ilinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising.

The name of the village was changed to Krystallopigi in 1926. In 1951, the village was declared entirely uninhabited, and later Vlachs from Thesprotia and from the vicinity of Preveza were settled there.

Year Population
1913 1,488
1920 718
1928 598
1940 624
1951 0
1961 364
1971 309
1981 265
1991 213
2001 573

  • Krystallopigi / K.δ. Κρυσταλλοπηγής -- η Κρυσταλλοπηγή [ 573 ]
  • Vatochori / K.δ. Βατοχωρίου -- το Βατοχώρι [ 34 ]
  • Kotas / K.δ. Κώτα -- ο Κώτας [ 53 ]


Year Population

1981 59
1991 49
2001 53

Municipalities and communities of Florina prefecture

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