Perivoli, Grevena

Perivoli is a community of the Grevena prefecture, c. 45 km SW of the city Grevena.

Panoramic view of Perivoli from the east, 18.8.2006 (Source)

Perivoli (Greek: Περιβόλι) is an alpine village in 1300-1450 meters, in the Grevena Prefecture of northwestern Greece. Population 454 (2001). The village is inhabited during winter by only 10-20 people due to extreme snow. However, the population rises to 4000 people during the summer. The panoramic view from the village, the wild forests and animals, and the cool weather makes this village an ideal place for summer vacations and activities. There are many restored houses, inns, restaurants and cafes in the village and the inhabitants are mainly Vlachs. Perivoli is also situated in the area of the National Park of Pindus.

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