Hellenic Parliament

Konstantinos Karamanlis in front of the Hellenic Parliament in Athens

Hellenic Parliament Google Earth

The building, designed by Friedrich von Gärtner, originally served as a Palace for the Greek monarch, until 1924, when a referendum abolished the monarcy. For a 2 year period, the building was used for many different purposes -- functioning as a makeshift hospital and a museum among other things -- until September, 1926, when the government decided that the building would instead house the Parliament.

Improvements are ongoing, some of them significant (such as the addition of an 800-vehicle underground parking structure), to ensure that the building can continue to function effectively.

Eleni Skoura was the first Greek woman elected for the Greek Parliament as a candidate for the Thessaloniki prefecture in the year 1953. With Virginia Zanna she was the first woman candidate in Greek history.

1844-1994,Stamp 150 years Hellenic Parliament

Acropolis, Karl Friedrich Schinkel Plan 1834

an idea to build a palace on the Acropolis, and maybe this would be the place of the Hellenic Parliament

Hellenic Parliament, Photo Alexandros Daskalakis

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