Agios Onouphrios Style

Agios-Onouphrios-Style, Archaeological Museum of Herakleion Crete , Photo by Agon S. Buchholz

Agios-Onouphrios Style is the Style of Vases of the early Prepalatial Period c. 3500-2800 BC of the Minoan Civilization. Linear dark motivs where painted on a bright background.

Painted parallel-line decors of Aghios Onouphrious ware were drawn with an iron-red clay slip that would fire red under oxidizing conditions in a clean kiln but under the reducing conditions of a smoky fire would turn black. Without much control over color, From this beginning, Minoan potters already concentrated on the linear forms of designs, perfecting coherent designs and voids that would ideally suit the shape of the ware.

Creto-Minoan Ceramic styles

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