Kakopetria (Greek: , "the evil rocks" ) is a community / village in the Nicosia District , located 55km south-west of the capital Nicosia on the north facing foothills of the Troodos Mountain range. It stands at an altitude of 667 metres and it is the highest village in the Solea valley. The community has about 1200 permanent inhabitants but this figure multiplies in the summer months when locals flock to the mountains to avoid the hot weather of the plains. It is surrounded by thick forestland and is built on the banks of the Kargotis and Garillis rivers. The two rivers join within village itself and form the river Klarios, which crosses the Solea valley and empties into Morfou Bay.

Population 1198 (2001 )
Elevation 667 m
Postal code 2800
President of the community council: Dimitrakis Evgeniou
Website http://www.kakopetria.org.cy/

Communities around Kakopetria: Galata, Moutoullas, Pedoulas, Prodromos, Pano Platres, Amiantos, Spilia

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