• Kalamaki (west)

    Historical population

  • Year Municipal population
    1981 2660
    1991 5084
    2001 5960


    In 2001, a fire started on a mountain north of Aghioi Theodori and south of Geraneia mountains. It lasted days. It spread close to the refinery, and the town and smoke covered the main freeway and highway, road closres took place. A couple of houses especially in Kineta were burnt down. A soon as firefighters put out the fire, the fires were stopped.

    On July 31, 2005, two days after the enormous Attica Fire near Rafina, another enormous fire reaching as high as 15 to 30 m ravaged the settlements of Agia Paraskevi and Katsivari northeast of the downtown area of Agioi Theodoroi near the Geraneia mountains where it contains virgin pine trees that covers the southern and the western parts of the mountains which were almost threatened and down to the superhighway/service road (second highway), the forests near the mountain started in the afternoon hours and partly in Kineta in the Attica prefecture. The flames were threatening and roamed faster like the East Attica Fire of July 29. One of the fires ravaged several houses in the settlement of Agia Paraskevi lying near the forests to the northeast, the firefighters began to use the stairs in one of the affected houses to put out the fire before it caused damages. Hundreds to thousands of hectares were contained. Smoke covered the northeastern part.


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