Solygeia or Solygia (Σολυγεία) is a municipality in Corinthia, Greece. Population 3047 (2001). The seat of the municipality is in Sofiko.

The municipality was founded in 1834 and existed untill 1912 where it was divided in communities. In 1997 again the municipality of Solygeia was formed.

Solygeia is named after the ancient village of Solygia mentioned by Thucydides where Athenians and Carystians attacked around 425 BC the Corinthians during the Peloponnesian war.

.... Putting out to sea they made land at daybreak between Chersonese and Rheitus, at the beach of the country underneath the Solygian hill, upon which the Dorians in old times established themselves and carried on war against the Aeolian inhabitants of Corinth, and where a village now stands called Solygia. The beach where the fleet came to is about a mile and a half from the village, seven miles from Corinth, and two and a quarter from the Isthmus. ...Battus, one of the two generals present at the action, went with a company to defend the village of Solygia, which was unfortified; ..... Thucydides Book 4

The ancient village was near the modern village Sofiko (or Sofikon).

Division of the municipality

  • Sofikon / Δ.δ. Σοφικού [ 2010 ]
    • Sofikon / το Σοφικόν [ 1758 ]
    • Agios Vlassis / ο Άγιος Βλάσσης [ 41 ]
    • Kiourkati / το Κιουρκάτι [ 20 ]
    • Moni Agias Marinis / η Μονή Αγίας Μαρίνης [ 45 ]
    • Pefkali / το Πευκάλι [ 128 ]
    • Fragkolimano / το Φραγκολίμανο [ 18 ]
  • Aggelokastron / Δ.δ. Αγγελοκάστρου -- το Αγγελόκαστρον [ 505 ]
  • Korfos / Δ.δ. Κόρφου [ 532 ]
    • Korfos / ο Κόρφος [ 469 ]
    • Agios Petros / ο Άγιος Πέτρος [ 25 ]
    • Ilios / ο Ήλιος [ 20 ]
    • Kavos / ο Κάβος [ 18 ]


Korfos is a seaside settlement, 40 km from Korinth, c. 31 km SE of the Isthmus. A few km north of Korfos is the church Panagia tou Steiri, part of a monastery founded in the 11th century.


Sofiko participated in the Greek war of independence. During the civil war Sotiris Notaras was imprisoned. His son Ioannis Notaras an opponent of Theodoros Kolokotronis attacked and destroyed the village in the summer of 1826. During WWII Italian soldiers were in Sofiko since June 1941. The commander of the submarine Papanikolis Milton Iatridis helped British soldiers and soldiers from New-Zealand who participated in actions against the Germans/Italians to escape to Crete. Italians left Sofiko in 1943 and a group of the Greek resistance army of ELAS entered in Sofiko. In May 1944 Germans started operations against the rebels in Argolis and Corinthia and they entered in Sofiko in 23 May 1944 after resistance by ELAS. The priest Georgios Karvounis was able to stop the Germans destroying the village as punishment for the resistance.

There are many christian monuments in the region of Solygeia, such as the Monastery Koimiseos tis Theotokou tou Steiri from the 11th century, Church ton Taxiarchon from the 12th century , Church of Agia Trias from the 13th centuty, Church of Agia Paraskevi from 1617 .

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