Prefecture: Kozani
Capital: Ptolemaida

40.5/40°30' N lat.
21.6/21°36' E long
Dwellings: -->
Population: (2001)
 - Density¹
 - Rank

 -c. 50,000 to 60,000


southern part
Vermio mountains
Area/distance code: 11-30-(00)30-24630
Percent of the prefectural population: about 39%
Percent of the prefectural area: about 25 to 30%
Postal code: 503 xx
Municipalities: -
Communities: -
Municipal code: -x
Car designation: KZ
Name of inhabitants: Eordean or Eordaian

sing., -s pl.

Eordea (Greek: Εορδαία), rarely Eordaia, Latin: Eordaia is a province in the northern Greece. It is part of the West Macedonia peninsula and more specifically the prefecture of Kozani. The bounding province is Kozani to the south, the prefectures of Florina to the northwest, Pella to the north and Imathia to the east. The capital of Eordea is Ptolemaida, which is a well-developed industrial city most known for its power plants which run by the Public Power Corporation (also called DEI).


In archaic Greek Eordea means Mother Earth and is the ancient name given to that region because of the fertility of its soil. The history of Eordea can be found stretching long before 3000 BC when the first Greeks known as the Aeolians and Arcadians began to inhabit this area. Remnants of the exploited copper mines during 2700 throughout 1200 BC reveal the fact that Greeks inhabited Eordea for thousands of years. Iron mines have also been exploited in the Eordean region. Ptelomaida is the capital of the province of Eordea that is located in the prefecture Kozani of western Macedonia. The capital Ptolemaida was named after Ptolemy the first of Eordea born in the year 337 BC and famously known as a distinguished General of Alexander the Great. After the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC, Ptolemy is known in antiquity as the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Alexandria in Egypt, which thrived until the death of Cleopatra the last reigning Pharaoh of Egypt.

Most recently within a fifty-year period, due to the industrial development of the Eordean countryside paleontologists and archaeologists have made many discoveries. In particular the skeletal fossils of a prehistoric mammoth was found, also a prehistoric elephant as well as Stone Age tools were found within the province of Eordea. This stunning find brings to light an incredible addition to the variety of animal species and human artifacts that have been found in this particular region of western Macedonia


Eordaikos, the historic football club of West Macedonia was named after.

Municipalities and communities of the Kozani Prefecture

Agia Paraskevi | Aiani | Askio | Dimitrios Ypsilantis | Elimeia | Ellispontos | Kamvounia | Kozani | Mouriki | Neapoli | Ptolemaida | Servia | Siatista | Tsotyli | Velventos | Vermio

Vlasti | Livadero | Pentalofos

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