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Kaminia (Greek. Καμίνια ) is a village part of the synonymous municipal district of the municipality of Moudros of the Limnos island

From 1918 to 1998 Kaminia was an independent community.

Kaminia (Greek: Καμίνια), accented form: Kamínia is a village in the northeast of the Greek island of Limnos. It is a municipal The 2001 population was 319 for the village and 347 for the municipal district. It is located in the southeastern peninsula of the island and located around half an hour from the coast. It is wet from the Aegean Sea by the coasts of Xespasmata, Molos, cape Vroskopos, Poliochni and Kokkinovrachos. Its elevation is at 60 m. Its area is around 12.487 ha, of which 7,600 ha are arable.The village is known from the Stele of Kaminia discovered in 1885.

In the period 1920/30 archaeologists from Italy made systematical studies of the ancient city of Poliochni


* Vroskopos

Nearest places

It is bounded with Roussopoulo to the north, Moudros to the west and southwest and the settlement of Agia Sofia of Fissini to the southeast and south.

Year Population settlement Population municipal district
1951 874 -
1991 321 -
2001 319 347


The village was mentioned in 1346 from a Megistis Lavras census from Agios Oros. During the Turkish rule, its residents were entirely Greek. It had 90 families in 1874, it opened a communal school from that year. After the ruination of columnb, the village was visited by many tourists. Until the end of the Turkish period, it had a post offivve and mad coins with the letters PK (Παναγία Καμινίων) meaning Panagia Kaminia.

In the 1920s and the 1930s, excavatgion by the Italian Archaeological School on the prehistoric city of Poliochne. A new school building was built in 1932 and later had 100 students and ran as a three and a two-system until 1980. It became one-system in 1980 and closed in 1994 as most of its students attend in Moudros. Kaminia had 874 people in 1954. Many of its residents emigrated to North America and other parts mostly Montreal after World War II and the Greek Civil War.


Its residents rely on seeds. It is presently farmed with wheat and vineyards, cotton was farmed until 1970. From 1937, it ran the Rural Council, in which it has a vintage, honeycombs, cafes, taverns, rented rooms, a kiosk, etc.


* Poseidon Kaminia of Lemnos (1982) - a soccer and a cultural club. It was ran by a local soccer field championship until 2003. Every summer, it ran its cultural and athletic council Poseidonas in which featured in several road events, theatrical shows, dances, local dance educations, etc. It has a small soccer field.
* Kaminia and Poliochni Council (1976) - A Kaminioti absent council in Athens. It runs meetings, trips, dances, etc. It awards the children of their future, runs in beneficial works in the village and more. In 2004, it helped the publication of Kaminia in Lemnos by Theodoros Belitsos.


* Argyrios Moschidis (1865 or '69 - 1912 in Cairo), a historian writer.
* Nikolaos Limnios (1856 - 1931 in Alexandria), a journalist and a newspaper publisher in Egypt Metarrythmisis in Alexandria (1886 to around 1900), Anagennisis in Cairo (1903 until 1922) and Thriskeftiki foni (Θρησκευτική Φωνή = Religious Voice) (1922 to around 1931)
* Argyrios Kavouridis (1880 - 1964 in Kontias): a writer with important works which taught for many years in Kontoa in which he only settled. He also ran a team, a forestry club, and a natural historic museum. Those days, Kontia Public School was known as a Little University
* Kostas Konstantinos (1940 - 1999 in Myrina), a judge of Lemnos, a councillor fo Murina, a memner of the (Lemnos Cultural Club) (POL), publisher of Limniaka Nea (Lemnian News) from 1992 until 1997.
* Ismini Trianti-Stypsianou: Archeologist, a writer of T


* Vassiliki Tourptsoglou-Stefanidou: Journeys and Geographic Sources of the Island of Lemnos (15th-20th Centuries)
* Belitsos, Theodoros, Lemnos and its villages by Th. Belitsos 1994.
* Lemnos/Limnos Province CD Rom (Cdrom Επαρχείου Λήμνου = CD Rom Eparcheiou Limnou): Lovable Lemnos
* Belitsos, Theodoros: Lemnos and its villages, 1994
* Belitsos, Theodoros: Kaminia in Lemnos, 2004

  • Kaminia / Δ.δ. Καμινίων [ 347 ]
    • Kaminia / τα Καμίνια [ 319 ]
    • Voroskopos / ο Βοροσκόπος [ 28 ]

The Lemnos stele, Kaminia


  • Poliochni Archaeological Site
  • Sokastro, Pelasgian graves. In Agios Alexandros Sokastro the Kaminia Stele was found in the year 1885
  • Churches: Koimisis tis Theotokou, Basilika, built 1852, the belltower produced 1904 by
  • Konstanti Attaliotis
  • Other churches Agios Alexandros Sokastrou (1930), Agios Alexandros Agkona (1911), Agios Alexandros Merpia (before 1900) Agios Varvara (before 1917), Agios Vlasis (before 1900), Agios. Georgios Vroskopou, Agios. Georgios Limaniou (1882), Agios Giannis Mesarachis (1873), Agios. Giannis Kaminiotis (1881), Agios. Dimitrios (1884), Agios Nikolaos (1861) Kato Panagia (1916), Agios Parakevi (before 1900), Agios Pelagia (1878), Agios. Stratis (1899)

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