37.377/37°22'40' N
23.124/23°9'31' E
Population: (2001)

Argolic and Saronic Gulf
92 m(centre)
about 300 to 400 m
Postal code: 213 00
Area/distance code: 11-30-27540 (030-27540)-2
Municipal code: 0409
Car designation: AP
3-letter abbreviation: KRN Kranidi
Address of administration: 11 Melina Merkouri St.
Kranidi 213 00

Kranidi or Kranidhi (Greek, Modern: , Ancient/Katharevousa: -on), older forms Kranidio, Kranidion and Kranidhion is a town located in the southern part of Argolis in the Peloponnese, Greece. Kranidi is also the provincial capital of Ermioni. The origin of the name comes from the word Koronida while sometime it comes from Kranaos which means "rocky trough". It is linked by a road linking Lygouri and Porto Cheli. It is located SE of Argos and Nafplio, about 50 km S of Lygouri, SW of Troizina and Ermioni and N of Kranidi.


Much of the area are rocky and forested. The hill which are covered with bushes are not as far as 800 m from the town. The rocky landscapes are to the west and east and arouind Kranidi. Bushes and some forests lie to the northeast.


Radio Kranidi, Kranidi's radio station

Nearest places


Porto Cheli

Kranidi, , Satellite Images, Greece

Kranidi, Panoramic


Altar of Prodromos church


The population of the municipality of Kranidi () was 10.347 in 2001 divided in.


Kranidi has schools, lyceums, a gymnasia, a churches, banks, a police station, a water tower, a post office, a library, a virtual museum, a junior soccer team, and a square (plateia). The main streets includes Melina Merkouri Street

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