Lechaio (Greek Modern: Λέχαιο, Ancient/Katharevousa: -n), also: Lecheo or Leheo older form: Lechaion, Leheon, Lechaeum, Lekhaion is a community in the municipality of Assos-Lechaio in Corinthia. Distances are about 4 to 5 km W of Corinth, SE of Kiato. GR-7 is west of the community hall.

Nearest places

  • Corinth (ENE)
  • Xylokeriza (ESE)
  • Perigialo (W)



  • Latitude: 37.933 (37°56') N
  • Longitude: 22.88 (22°50'48') E

Postal code: 200 06

Elevation: about 3 to 10 m, sea level near the shores

Dialing code: +30-27410-8 (030-27410-8).

Historical population

Year Communal population
1981 2159
1991 2319
2001 4000


The community has a school, a church, a train station that is located north of the centre, a beach with a campsite [1], a small airport and a square (plateia).

The area is filled with mixed farming along with olive groves, citrus groves, pastures and other fruits and vegetables and some forests. The mountain of Acrocorinth lies to the southeast.

This place had an ancient harbor and had connections of a small harbor in Schinouda, now Kalamaki in the Saronic Gulf. The old naval base of Atratinus was probably in Lechaeum. An ancient road the marble-paved Lechaion Road which was connected with Corinth.

The 8th Spartan mora (regiment) was defeated by the Athenians (led by Iphicrates) at Lechaeum in the times of Ageislaus.

Battle of Lechaeum

The Roman bath was situated on the Lechaeum Road was built in the 3rd Century AD.

Lechaio has schools, lyceums, a few gymnasia, churches, a port, beaches, a sporting team (Iraklis Lechaio), a post office, and squares plateies

A novel named The Great Bath on the Lechaion Road is about the Lechaion Road ans was published Jane C. Biers.

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