Proti (Florina)

Proti is a small village located, population 108 (2001) approximately 5 kilometers from Florina. At one time a flourishing community of 500 people, whose primary occupation was tobacco farming..

Proti today is a hamlet of fewer than a dozen people who live self-sufficiently but in relative poverty. Their lives consist mainly of farming, While the hamlet falls within the municipal jurisdiction of Florina it is totally ignored in terms of infrastructure support. There is no running water. Water is supplied by one well which was dug in 1917. There is very little electricity.

There are some public buildings in the hamlet which the residents maintain of their own accord. The school house, though unused, is in good working order. The local church is in pristine condition, beautifully and impeccably maintained. In the rear of the church is the graveyard - with many stones that are centuries old.

Proti was ravaged during the Second World War. Many of the inhabitants did not survive. In particular, the young males of the village were executed for alleged participation in the Greek Resistance.

The Village Of Proti

The cemetery in Proti

The church

The schoolhouse

Municipalities and communities of Florina prefecture

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