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Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark (born 7 January 1939) is a member of the Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. He is the author of several historical novels based on the lives of family members active in earlier times.

He was born in Rome to Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark and his second wife, Françoise de Guise, Princess of Orléans; his father died shortly after his birth.

His paternal grandparents were George I of Greece and Olga, Queen of Greece. His maternal grandparents were Jean d'Orléans, Duc de Guise and his wife Isabelle d'Orléans.

Michael studied the political sciences in Paris. He then served a term in the Hellenic Army, discharged with the rank of Third Lieutenant.

He married the artist Marina Karella (17 July 1940 - ) on 7 February 1965. Her parents were the commoners Theodore Karellas and Elly Chalikiopoulos. This was a morganatic marriage resulting in Prince Michael renouncing any rights to the throne of Greece on behalf of himself and his future descedants.

The couple indeed had two daughters:

  • Princess Alexandra of Greece (born 15 October 1968)
  • Princess Olga of Greece (born 17 November 1971)


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