Vardousia (Greek: Βαρδούσια) is a mountain in Central Greece, in the prefecture of Phocis, (highest peak Korakas (Greek: Κόρακας, Ancient Spelling: Κόραξ Korax), altitude 2,495 meters) making it the second tallest summit in the historic region. The Pindus mountains are to the northwest. It divides into 3 main parts: Northern Vardousia, where the highest peak is Sinani (2,059 meters), Western Vardousia, which are very steep, the highest peak is Soufles (2,300 meters), and Southern Vardousia, with the highest peak of Korakas. The Panaitoliko mountains are to the west. The whole range is about 30 kilometres long, from the North to the South, and 15 kilometres from the West to the East.

Mount Vardousia in Central Greece, with the summit of Korakas, as seen from the village of Artotina, 1998 (Source)


Rivers that spring from this mountain are Mornos from the Northeast, Kokkinos and Evinos from the Northwest. On the slopes of the mountain there are many villages.

Nearest places

West: From the North to the South: Artotina, Dixori, Dafnos, Diakopi

South: Kallio

East: From the North to the South: Athanasios Diakos (Ano Mousounitsa), Mousounitsa, Koniakos, Trividi

Several of these villages together form the municipality of Vardousia.


Its panorama includes the nearby mountains including the Panetoliko to the west, the western Phthiotida and the Spercheios valley, the Gkiona mountains to the northeast and the central Phokida prefecture to the south. The Malian Gulf can rarely be seen.

Vardousia or Vardoussia
Elevation 2495 m
Pronunciation [Var•dou•si•a]

Municipalities of the Phocis Prefecture

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