Axioupoli (Greek: Αξιούπολη) is a small town in the Kilkis Prefecture, Greece. Its old name Βoemitsa(Greek Μποϊμίτσα, Slavic Bóëmtsa) is slavic origin meaning strong. The town was renamed Axioupoli on January 1, 1927 after the river Axios which it resides by. It is a municipality of the Paionia Province of Kilkis in Central Macedonia, Greece. As of 2001 its population is numbered at 3458


Founded in 1760 by Christian settlers from adjoining areas, they chose it as their new home due to its close proximity to the Axios River. The town was under Turkish occupation until the early 20th Century. Construction of its first church, Saint Dimitrios (Greek Αγίου Δημητρίου), started in 1843 after Christians were given the right to build churches and schools by the Ottomans. Saint Dimitrios was completed in 1859. The first school in town was build in 1894. On October 22, 1912 it was free from Turkish occupation. During the population exchange of the early 20th Century the town was settled by refugees from all over the Balkans and Anatolian regions, given it a unique feel. Its residence played a big part in helping win the Battle of Kilkis-Lahanas and with the battle of Skra-di-Legen.


Because of its location it has had geopolitical significance, being one of the last place from which the Germans left after WWII ended. The main railway between Thessaloniki and Europe went through the town's center, making Axioupoli a center of information during the Balkan Wars, WWI and WWII. In 1913 the first customs office between Greece and Serbia was opened in Axioupoli.

In WWI the French Army, was stationed there to control one of the main supply routes. They help build numerious projects in town and with in the region to help with their supply transportation. They build an additional railroad from the center of Axioupoli to Skra (Skora) and the rairoad bridge which crosses over the Axios river and leads into Paris. These projects help change the town as one of Greece's industrialized centers.

On April 8, 1944 the Germans took control of the town which gave them access to the railroads, bridges and control over the supply routes for the Axis. They occupied the town 'til the end, leaving on October 31, 1944. During the occupation ELAS staged many sabotaged missions against the Axis in the region while residents helped hide Greek fighters from the Germans


The town is located 547 Kilometers South-southeast of Athens the capital of Greece; 62 Kilometers Southeast from the regional capital Thessaloniki; 33.9 Kilometers East from the prefectural capital Kilkis, 3.5 Kilometers East from the small town of Polykastro a small town located in Kilkis Prefecture and West of the Axios River.


You can visit the Natural History Museum Axioupoli[1], one of the best in Hellas, the Library, Kotzadere, the Statue of Liberty in the main square and the Metatalio Lake, the big Plane tree which tradition has it being there since Alexander the Great Era.

Poppy flowers from Axioupolis ( )


Axioupoli has a complete system of State schools including two Nursery schools, two Primary, two Elementary, one Secondary and one High School. There is also a Technical school (TEE). Apart from these you can find three Foreign Language Schools (Hassapi-Sidera, Sphera and Pasiata) and a Computer Teaching School (Hassapi-Sidera).

Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code Area code ((0)30-)
Axioupoli 2801 Axioupoli 614 00 23830-3

Themunicipality of Axioupoli, population 6725 (2001) is divided in

  • Axioupoli / Δ.δ. Αξιουπόλεως [ 3.458 ]
    • Axioupoli / η [ 3.275 ]
    • Pigi / η [ 183 ]
  • Gorgopi / Δ.δ. Γοργόπη -- η [ 960 ]
  • Eidomeni / Δ.δ. Ειδομένης [ 438 ]
    • Eidomeni / η [ 235 ]
    • Dogani / ο [ 49 ]
    • Chamilo / το [ 154 ]
  • Plagia / Δ.δ. Πλαγιών -- τα [ 304 ]
  • Ryzia / Δ.δ. Ρυζιών [ 1.109 ]
    • Ryzia / τα [ 592 ]
    • Valtotopi / το [ 346 ]
    • Kampochori / το [ 171 ]
  • Skra / Δ.δ. Σκρα [ 287 ]
    • Skra / το [ 219 ]
    • Koupa / η [ 68 ]
  • Fanos / Δ.δ. Φανού -- ο [ 169 ]


Municipalities and communities of the Kilkis Prefecture

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