Kardamas (Greek: Καρδαμάς) is a community located on a road between Douneika and Amaliada in the municipality of Amaliada and the prefecture of Ilia. 1.5 km E from the southbound lanes from Patras and 2 km E from the northbound lanes of Pyrgos is the GR-9/E55. Distance from Palouki is 3 km E, 4 km SW of downtown Amaliada, 82 km SW of Patras and 14 km NW of Pyrgos.


Petroches (pop: 96)

Nearest places

  • Amaliada (north)
  • Koryfi (east)
  • Douneika (south)
  • Palouki, village (west)
  • Kourouta (northwest)


  • Latitude: 37.753 (37°45'17') N
  • Longitude: 21.24 (21°20'17') E

Postal code: 272 00

Elevation: about 10 m

highest: 40 m

Dialing code: +30-26220-4

Year Communal population Village population
1981 - 873
1991 - 1001
2001 1196 1097

The village has a small school, a church and a (plateia). It has a train station because a railway line connects Patras - Kato Achaia - Lechaina - Amaliada - Pyrgos. The area has mixed farming while forests are founded in the west, around the village and hills cover the south and southeast where some olive groves are found. Its nearest beach is in Palouki.

The surname Rigopoulos originated from this area.

The community also has a radio station on 102.7 FM where it transmitts to nearby Amaliada. The station name is Radio Kardama [1], [2]. Its format is pop and also has news, sports and weather.


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