Kyprinos (Greek: ) is a municipality in the Evros Prefecture, Greece. Population 2915 (2001).

Kyprinos is west-northwest of Orestiada. The municipality was formed 1997 according to the law N 2539/ 1997 . Kyprinos is located southwest of Edirne, Turkey, north of Alexandroupoli and about 5 to 6 km east of Kurdzhali and the Bulgarian frontier. Athens is approximately 1,050 km to the southwest. Komara is on the other side of the bank.

Name origin

The Turkish name of Kyprinos was at first "Simavna", after "Sarihadir". Kyprinos was once called "Sarihadir" what means "yellow Hadir". Hadir is Hidir who was an Islamic religious figure. His holiday was celebrated at the same day the Greek Christian Saint St. George's holiday was celebrated (April, 23rd). St. George was and still is the guardian Saint of the village Kyprinos and also its church' name-giver. So the Turkish just interpreted Kyprinos as the village with the yellow church -which indeed was made out of yellow stones- meaning St. George, whom they considered to be something like the religious person whom they knew as Hadir. The church is still there down in the valley and can be visited at any time. When the great flood of the 1920s destroyed every house of the village which at that time was also located in the valley not a single building resisted its power except for that church. The Greek name "Kyprinos" means "carp". It is not clear whether that name was given to the village because of the carps found in the nearby Ardas river or for some other reasons.

Division of the municipality

  • Kyprinos / Δ.δ. Κυπρίνος [ 1157 ]
    • Kyprinos / ο [ 1157 ]
    • Galini / η Γαλήνη [ 0 ]
  • Zoni / Δ.δ. Ζώνης [ 811 ]
    • Zoni / η [ 238 ]
    • Mikra Doxipara / η [ 278 ]
    • Chelidon / η [ 295 ]
  • Fylakio / Δ.δ. Φυλακίου [ 947 ]
    • Fylakio / το [ 473 ]
    • Ammovouno/ το [ 184 ]
    • Keramos / ο [ 290 ]


Ammovouno is a small village in North Evros. The population are mainly Gagauz people.


Zoni is a small village, named after an ancient place Zoni in the region. Zoni is mentioned as a Thracian city of the Cicones by Herodot. According to Stephanus of Byzantium based on reports of Hecataeus Greek colonists lived in the region since the 6th c. BC. Zoni is mentioned in documents in Athnens of 421 BC. Coins with the inscription ZONAI were found with images of Apollo and Artemis. Various authors refer to Zoni and Orpheus.

Municipalities of the Evros Prefecture

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