Population: (2001)

Gulf of Corinth
140 m(centre)
around 1,780 m Chelmos/Aroania
Number of communities: 7
Postal code: 250 06
Area/distance code: 11-30-26950 (030-26950)-2 & 3
Municipal code: 0703
Car designation: AX
3-letter abbreviation: AKR Akrata


Aggelis Deloukas, elected 1879
Nikolaos Papathanasopoulous, elected1986
Konstantinos Spiliotopoulos, 1998 to 2002
Panagiotis Melas, since 2002

Nearest places

Krathio, E

Historical population

Year Population Municipal population
2001 1778 7056


Much of the area are grassy and forests are founded to the north. Farmlands dominate the northeast near the Krathio area where the buildings are to the northeast near the boundary with Aigeira. The municipality is also famous for its beaches lying near the Gulf of Corinth.

The mountains lie to the south and are mainly grassy and bushy. The forests are within the Gulf of Corinth to the north.

Lake Tsivlou between Akrata and Zarouchla. In Peristera was the place of action the classic Greek movie Golfo

In Akrata there is the church of Agia Triada.


Akrata has three schools, a lyceum, a gymnasium, churches, banks, a police station, a post office, a health centre and a square (plateia).

Division of the municipality

Kalamias, Akrata

2004 Olympic Flame passing fro, Akrata to Derveni

Train approaching Akrata station

Agia Varvara

Agia Varvara is a mountain village (1100 m) on a side of Mount Chelmos. It is 30 km from Kalavryta. The ski center of Kalavryta is 20 km from the village, the lake Tsivlou 7 km. It was before 1912 part of the municipality of Nonakrida, then a community.

Paralia Platanou

Paralia Platanou is a sea-side village.


Northwest: Diakopto North: Gulf of Corinth
West: Diakopto
Akrata East: Aigeira and or the Argosaronic Gulf
Southwest: Lefkasio South: Ermioni Harbour

Municipalities and communities of the Achaea Prefecture

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Kalentzi | Leontio

Communities of Akrata

Akrata | Ampelos | Kalamia | Krathio | Nonakrida | Paralia Platanou | Sylivena | Valimi | Voutsimos

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