Afgeio (Ilia)

Afgeio or Avgeio (Greek, Modern: Αυγείο, Ancient/Katharevoussa: -on) is a village that is in the northern part of the municipality of Amaliada in the prefecture of Ilia. Distance from Gastouni is about 9 km E along with the highway is also about 8 km E, 8 km N of Amaliada and about 8 km west of the dam. Its neighboring communities are Kalyvia, Roupaki to the west, Sosti to the east, Aghios Ioannis and Chavari to the southeast and Amaliada to the north.


  • Latitude: 37.87 (37&deg52'21') N
  • Longitude: 22.359 (22°21'34') E

Postal code: 273 00

Elevation: about 7 to 8 m, highest: 60 m in the hills.

Dialing code: +30-26220-4

Year Communal population

1981 446
1991 364
2001 429

The village has a school, a gymnasium, a church, and a square (plateia). It is located NW of the hills. Groves dominate the southern part while farms dominate the northern part. The village though is the oldest in the Elis area. The village before it was renamed was known as Bouchioti/Bouhioti (Μπουχιώτη).


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