151.1 km ²
Population: (2001)
Communes: 14

sea level
40 m(center), 35 m, east
Postal code: 251 00
Area/distance code: 11-30-26910
Municipal code: 0702
Car designation: AX
Address of administration: 31 Andrea Lontou St.
Aigio 251 00

Aigion or Aigio (Greek: Modern: , Ancient/Katharevousa: -on, Latin: Aegium) also, Egio or Egionis a town in northeast Achaea that has a population of 21061 (2001 census). Aigion has a square, a bus terminal and a fountain in downtown. Aigion is surrounded by trees in the north and cliffs in the northwest. The city can be accessed by GR-8A from the south and west with one full and one partial interchanges, and has a rest area and is also bounded. The location is around 38.25° N 22.08° E. Mountains neighbor the southern part. The town sits on arable land which covers over a quarter of the community. The mountains of the Panachaicus and Erymanthus are rarely seen. The commune was known as Vostitsa or Vostitza in the middle ages to the late 20th century.

Aigio has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, banks, post offices and squares (plateies). There are no beaches.

The sites of interest includes a Mycenean House dating back to ancient times. The location is near the cliffs.

The Port of Aigion serves ferry service to Agios Nikolaos in the northeast. Ferry service is very small and only has a few boats. It is on a road off the old highway. The port is crossed by rail. East of the port is a railway station and some buildings. The city is bounded by a river in the east and west. It can be accessed by another highway for Temeni, Pteri and Kalavryta on GR-31.

There are squares, one closer to the hospital and a circle shaped-square slightly from the city hall are in the SW with some bushes and a fountain and is located on the old highway. The city has a hospital founded slightly west of the city and a rest area situated south of the city at GR-8A/E65. Residential houses are within and in the western part of Aigio.

Windmills are located in farmlands and groved SW of the community boundary. Hills are southwest of the city.

In 1995, an earthquake shattered Aigio. It devastated the southwestern subdivision destroying houses.

Aigion. part of the harbour

Tripiti Church

Tripiti Church

Dodeka Vryses

Dodeka Vryses

Division of the municipality

Historical population

Year Communal population Municipal population
1981 20955 -
1991 22178 28903
2001 21061 27812


The area of Aigion was populated at least since the Mesolithic era. In historic times after the Pelasgians Ionian settlers came to the region, later Achaeans from Peloponnesus. Around 800 BC the dodecapolis (twelve cities) was formed. According to Strabo the city was named after the goat who was used to provide the milk for the infant Zeus.

The Achaeans participated in the Chaeronia and Megalopolis battle against the Macedonians. In 320 Aigion was captured by Cassander. In 308 BC Strombichus was set by Polysperchon as ruler of the city. In 303 the city was captured by Demetrius Poliorcetes. Strombichus and 80 of his men were killed

Silenus from Aegion

The Achaeans were able to rule again their cities after 287 BC until the Romans conquered the region in 145 BC. The walls of the city were destroyed but Aigion was still of some importance for a few more centuries. Then Goths invaders in the 3rd century killed many citizens. In 805 Aigion was captured by the Slavs and was renamed to Vostitsa. In 1205 it was ruled by Francs. In 1420 it was ruled by the Palaiologoi family. In 1470 the Turks followed (from 1685 to 1715 Venetians) and since 1715 again Turks.


Filodimos Newspaper

Mayors of Aigion

Anastasios Lontos | Dimitrios Meletopoulos | Dimitrios Oreinos | Georgios Meletopoulos | Inokentios Romaniolis | Diomidis Polychroniadis | Andreas Michalopoulos | Sotirios Messinezis | Athanasios Farazoulis | Konstantinos Kanellopoulos | Spyros Panagiotopoulos | Leonidas Petropoulos | Panagos Lyrintzis | Efthimios Gatos | Christos Lampoudis | Georgios Kanellopoulos | Polychronis Noukopoulos | Polychronis Polychroniadis | Ioannis Stavropoulos | Sotirios Stavroulopoulos | Georgios Sakellaropoulos | Alexis Kazanis | Sotirios Sakellariou | Ioannis Panagiotopoulos | Georgios Kouvelis | Solon Papadimitriou | Sotirios Moutousis | Christos Papas | Panos Mentzelopoulos | Leonidas Theofylaktopoulos | Georgios Panagopoulos | Nikolaos Kouniniotis | Alexios Megaris | Leonidas Siavelis | Georgios Perpis




North: Gulf of Corinth
West: Sympoliteia
Aigio East: Diakopto
South: Kalavryta, Leontio (independent commune)

Municipalities and communities of the Achaea Prefecture

Aigio | Aigira/Aegira | Akrata | Aroania | Diakopto | Dymi | Erinaios | Farres | Kalavryta | Larissos | Lefkasio | Messatida | Movri | Olenia | Paion | Paralia | Patras | Rio | Sympoliteia | Tritea | Vrachneika

Kalentzi | Leontio

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