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    Andravida Military Airport and Base

    NASA Image , Andravida Airport

    A military airport to the east which is 2.5 km by road from the city center. Construction began in the 1950s to expand the Greek military and military aviation services throughout the state.The lengh of the runway is 2 km. It is the longest airport in Ilia. The airport is bordered and almost surrounded with 80% or 4 km of green leafy and pined trees, except of those at runway points. The setting is located in a forested area. There are more forest lying east of the military airport. Cultivated plains lie to the west. Military exercises as occurred since its opening.

    In 2000, parts from the Greek military aircraft landed down on a rural residential house which didn't cause fatalities, but paralysed a refrigerator in the kitchen, and caused a hole in a ceiling. The plane did not crash. A couple of days later, demonstrators were protesting against military exercises Another accident one of this kind also happened in the 1960s.

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