Chalki (or Halki or Khalki) (Greek: is a Greek island one of the Dodecanese in the Aegean Sea west of Rhodes. It has an area of 28 km2. (11 sq. mi.), and a permanent population of 421 (2001) (much increased during the summer months).

The name of the island is derived from Chalkos (Cooper) from the metal which was an important income in antiquity.

The community is divided in two parts, Chorio and the port. The island supported a much larger population but following emigration in the mid twentieth century Chorio was almost completely abandoned. A ruined medieval castle of the Knights of St. John overlooks the old town and the chapel contains some of the original frescoes.

There is virtually no natural water supply on the island and rainfall is collected in large cisterns. Drinking water is brought in from Rhodes but there can be shortages during the summer months with the increased population.

Chalki , Satellite image


The port of Emborio (*).

The island is part of the Rhodos Province.

The island's primary industry is tourism, although fishing is also substantial.

Elevation: Mount Elias and Kapnikari with 518 m and 501 m respectively.The island's primary industry is tourism, although fishing is also substantial.

List of Chalki rulers:

Roman Empire 27 BC-395 AD
Byzantine Empire 395-7th cent.
Arabs 7th cent-825
Byzantine Empire 825-1204
Venice 1204-
Ottoman Empire 1523-1912
Italy 1912-1948
Greece 1948-

Murrays Handbook of Travels 1854:

We learn from Strabo and Pliny that Chalce had in ancient times a small town of the same name, a temple of Apollo, and a harbour. It lies off the W. coast of Rhodes, and seems to have been usually subject to its powerful neighbour. We read in Thucydides (viii. 41, 44, 45) that the Athenian fleet was stationed at Chalce in the latter part of the Peloponnesian war (B.C. 412), to watch the movements of the enemy in Rhodes. Chalce contains at present about 1500 inhabitants, chiefly engaged in diving for sponges. The harbour is good though small ; it preserves its ancient name of Emporium. The chief village is an hour's walk from the port, and near it are some Hellenic sepulchres and other remains. The inhabitants grow a little corn, and pay an annual tribute to the Pasha of Rhodes. Chalce is rugged and mountainous.

Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code Area code
Chalki 1227 Chalki 851 10 22410-4

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