Lampeti also Lambeti or Labeti(Greek, Modern: Λαμπέτι, Ancient/Katharevousa: -on), older form Lambetion, is a suburban village in the municipality of Pyrgos in the prefecture of Ilia. It is located about 96 km (old: 103 km) S of Patras, 30 km S of Simopoulo, nearly 47 km SE of Kyllini. It is not recognized as a community or a settlement but a part of Pyrgos. It is also a home to a minority group.

Nearest places

Agios Georgios, N

Pyrgos, W



  • Latitude: 37.7 (37°42') N
  • Longitude: 21.46667 (21°28') E

Postal code: 271 00

Elevation: 10 to 50 m

Dialing code: +11+30-26210 (030-26210)


Lampeti has a school, a church, and a square (plateia).

Much of the area is covered with forests whose height is around 10 to 15 m and a hill is situated to the east. Farmlands are to the north and partially to the west. and the residential area of Pyrgos lie to the west.

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