Nea Manolada (Greek:, Modern Νέα Μανολάδα, Ancient/Katharevoussa: Νέα Μανολάς, Nea Manolas) is a community located about 500 m north of GR-9/E55 from the community hall and a square (plateia) on the old highway. It is in the municipality of Vouprasia and the prefecture of Ilia. Distance from Varda is 4 km NE, 42 km SW of Patras and 52 km N (old 56 km) of Pyrgos.

It is bounded by Larissos river to the east along with the municipality of Larissos and the prefecture of Achaea.

Nearest places

  • Kounoupeli (north)
  • Ola Vouprasio (north-northeast)
  • Neo Vouprasio (northeast)
  • Apideona (east)
  • Magoula (south)
  • Varda (southwest)
  • Manolada (northwest)


  • Latitude: 38.031 (38°2'57) N
  • Longitude: 21.361 (21°21'52) E

Postal code: 270 52

Elevation: 10 m and 20 m (south and southeast)

Dialing code: +30-26230-7

Year Communal population
1981 1235
1991 1449
2001 1973

The community has a small school, a church and a plateia located in the centre with an area of about 10,000m by around 40 m and 150 m. It has a train station with no building connecting the railway line with Patras - Kato Achaia - Lechaina - Amaliada - Pyrgos. The old highway is aligned with the railway tracks and streets are grid-like and runs in the middle of town. The community also has a statue of a myth which was made in the mid-1970s.

Forests and groves are to the east and to the north and along with a valley and a creek to the west. Arable land is in the north, west and south. There are two gas stations founded in the new road.

A communications tower is founded in the southeast next to the new highway.

During World War II, the Italians occupied Nea Manolada which was later liberated before the war ended.

In 2001, a train derailment occurred injuring two passengers as a train was heading from Athens to Kyparissia. 40 people were on board and the blame was to bad weather.


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