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  • Municipality of Vouprasias

    There are about 13 kilometres of sandy coastlines in the municipality, including the easter part of the lagoon named Kotychi. There are rivers running in the municipality. About 40% of the rivers are not dry. Only its creek and streams (the remainder) are almost dry that it cannot flow into the bay.

    The first train tracks and railway stations opened in 1900s. There are three, some prefer four train stations, one is in the outdoors, and the rest are indoors.

    The municipality formerly included Mataranga and Spata. In the late-20th century, these areas were reverted to Larissos and to the prefecture of Achaia.

    The list of villages and communities are:

    Villages or Towns Elevation
    Várda (Barda) Βάρδα 8 to 10 m
    Áno Kourtési (or Ano Kourtesion) (Άν. Κουρτέσι) 10 m (32 ft)
    Kapelét(t)o or Kapeleton (Καπελέτο) 12 m (35 ft)
    Kourtesi (or Kourtesion) 5 m (15 ft)
    Magoula (Elia) 10 to 20 m
    Manolada (Manolas) 10 to 20 m (32 to 64 ft)
    Nea Manolada (New Manolas) 8 m
    Neapolis (Vouprasia Half 20 to 35 m
    Psari (Psarion) around 10 m (32 ft.)


    Psari (older Form Psarion) is a settlement / village of Vouprasia, (38°1'25 N, 21°23'17 O)

    Year Population
    1991 359
    2001 500


    Aetorrachi is a village known in the past as Valaka. It was named after a Turk, Valak Agas who was the owner of the region. After the liberation a village formed from population coming from Kandalo Skoupi and Karousa from the region in Kalavryta. In the summer of 1957 it was renamed to Aetorrachi. It was a community with Koumouthreka (or Kumuthreka, which was renamed to Dafni).

    Due to the Kapodistrias plan the community does not exist anymore, Aetorrachi and Dafni are now part of the Vouprasia municipality. Aetorrachi is near a lake formed by the Pineios river.

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