Νομός Ευρυτανίας

Capital Karpenisi
Area 1,869 km² Ranked 36th
Inhabitants 34855 Ranked 50th
Pop. density 15.66/km ²
ISO 3166-2 GR-05
Car designation KH (A-K), Karpenísi
Code for the municipalities 15xx
Number of municipalities: 11
Area/distance code 22370
Postal code 35x xx
Name of inhabitants: Eurytanian, Evrytanian
or Evritanian, sing,
-s pl.
2 letter abbreviation/HASC: ET
Address of administration: Karpenisi
Website: www.evritania.gr
(in Greek)

Evritania, Evrytania (Greek: Ευρυτανία), rarely/Latin: Eurytania is one of the 54 prefectures of Greece. It is within the periphery of Central Greece. Its capital is Karpenisi (9,390 (in 2001)). The prefecture is almost entirely covered with mountains including the Tymfistos and the Panaitoliko in the south and rivers including the Acheloos in the west, Agrafioti in the east and Megdova in the east flowing down to the Ionian Sea, and has a skiing resort. It is one of the leastle populated prefectures in Greece. It is one of the few prefectures that uses only one area code.


It is famous as the place of origin of Pavlos Bakoyannis, husband of Dora Bakoyanni

Other cities in Evritantia includes: Fournas, Frangista, Megalio Chorio, Prossous, and Domnista.

The prefecture is bounded with the Aitoloacarnania over the Acheloos river in the west and without in the southwest and the south, Karditsa to the north, and Phthiotis to the east.


GR-38, W, Cen., E


See also: Communities of Evritania


Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code
Agrafa 1501 Agrafa 360 73
Aperantia 1502 Granitsa 360 72
Aspropotamos 1503 Raptopoulo 360 70
Domnista 1505 Krikello 360 76
Fourna 1510 Fourna 360 80
Fragkista 1511 Dytiki Frangista 360 71
Karpenisi 1506 Karpenisi 361 00
Ktimenia 1507 Agia Triada 360 80
Potamia 1508 Megalo Chorio 260 75
Proussos 1509 Proussos 360 74
Viniani 1504 Kerasochori 360 71


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