Capital: Livadia
Area: 3,211 km ²
Inhabitants: 131,129(2001)
Population density: 40.84 inh./km ²
ISO 3166-2: GR-03
Car designation: BI
Code for the municipalities: 08xx
Number of provinces: 2
Number of municipalities: 18
Number of independent communes: 2
Area/distance code: 11-30-26x0 (030-26x0)
Postal code 32x xx
190 12 in Dervenochori
Name of inhabitants: Boeotian sing.
-s pl.
2-letter abbreviation: BT
(in Greek)

Viotia (Greek: Βοιωτία), also Voiotia is one of the fifty-one prefectures of Greece. It is within the Central Greece periphery. The area was known in ancient imes as Boeotia. Its capital is Livadeia and the second largest city is Thebes. It has access to the island of Euboea via two bridges, one that runs through Chalkida and one bypasses it with another road via Athens. Its bounding prefectures are Phokida in the west, Fthiotis in the north and northwest, Euboea in the east via a bay and a gulf and Attica in the south.

It has two lakes located northeast, one in 2002 revealed a lost village.


Its geography includes part of the Parnitha ranges in the southwest with a huge mining area, one of the largest in the southeast and mountains in the south including Helicon and more cover the west including mount Parnassus where the prefecture's only skiing resort is located and more in the north with a few forests and hills in the east. Its longest river, the Cephissus valley is in the central part is where most of the low-lying areas of Viotia lie. Two lakes are in the northeast and was considered a wetland.


Its climate ranges from hot summers to mild to cool winters while much of the day in the northern and the eastern part are cloudy during the later part of the day. Winter is very common in areas higher than 1,000 m and summer is a little cooler than the low lying areas.


For history before the prefecture, see the Boeotia article.

In mid-2001 in the forested hills of Dilesi, a forest fire consumed most of the mountain and burnt a few or tens of houses and properties. Damages were in the billions of drachmas or millions of dollars. The fire lasted for a few days.


Greece Interstate 1/E75, SE, E, NE
Greece Interstate 3, S, E, Cen., W, NW
Greece Interstate 27, W, SW
Greece Interstate 44, E
Greece Interstate 48, W




Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code
Akraifnia 0801 Akrefnio 322 00
Aliartos 0802 Aliartos 322 01
Arachova 0804 Arachova 320 04
Chaironeia 0820 Cheronia 321 00
Davlia 0806 Davlia 320 08
Dervenochori 0807 Pyli 190 12
Distomo 0808 Distomo 320 05
Oinofyta 0815 Oinofyta 320 11
Koroneia 0812 Agios Georgios 320 07
Livadeia/Levadia 0814 Livadeia 321 00
Orchomenos 0816 Orchomenos 323 00
Plataies 0817 Kaparelli 322 00
Schimatari 0818 Schimatari 320 09
Tanagra 0819 Arma 322 00
Thespies 0809 Thespies 320 02
Thisvi 0811 Domvrena 320 10
Thiva 0810 Thebes 322 00
Vayia 0805 Vayia 320 02


Independent communes:

Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code
Antikyra 0803 Antikyra 320 12
Kyriaki 0813 Kyriaki 320 06

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