Livadeia (Greek: - Livadeiá or Livadia or Λεβάδεια - Levádeia as well as Λειβαδιά Leivadia or Livadia is a city in central Greece. It is the capital of the prefecture Boeotia. Livadeia is linked with GR-48 and several kilometres west of GR-3.

Livadeia was known in antiquity from the Oracle of Trophonius who was visited by Croesus, Mardonius and Paulus Aemilius.

It was part of the Boeotian League who was attacked by the forces of Lysander 395 BC and later by Mithridates in 85 BC.

The sanctuary of Trophonius is described by Pausanias. It worked until the time of Theodosius I. There were separate parts for Artemis, Dionysus, Agathe Tyche, Agathos Daimon. There wa also the grave of Arcesilaus and a temple of Dios Basileus were the festival Basileia was held for the victory in the Battle of Leuctra.

Livadeia was part of the Byzantine Empire until the capture of Constantinople by the Franks in 1204. From 1311 to 1388 followed the Catalan rulers.

Since 1460 Livadeia was part of the Ottoman Empire. Shorty before the Greek war of independence the city had a population with c. 10000 Greeks and was known as Giaour Livadeia. It was liberated 31 March 1821 but captured again. The city finally held by Mahmut Pasha was captured again 8 Nov. 1829.

Medieval Castle of Livadeia, 14th century (during the period of the occupation by the Catalans)

Livadia , J. Cartwright,

From Delphi the travellers proceeded towards Livadia, passing in the course of the journey the confluence of the three roads where Œdipus slew his father, an event with its hideous train of fatalities which could not be recollected by Byron on the spot, even after the tales of guilt he had gathered in his Albanian journeys, without agitating associations.

At Livadia they remained the greater part of three days, during which they examined with more than ordinary minuteness the cave of Trophonius, and the streams of the Hercyna, composed of the mingled waters of the two fountains of Oblivion and Memory. From Livadia, after visiting the battlefield of Chæronéa (the birthplace of Plutarch) Lord Byron in Greece

Every September the festival called Trophonia is held in Livadeia.


  • Lampros Katsonis
  • Panos Koutroumpousis (Koutrouboussis), a Greek writer

Livadeia Satellite image

Division of the municipality ( population 21492 )

  • Livadeia / Δ.δ. Λιβαδειάς [20769]
    • Livadeia / η [20061]
    • Agios Nikolaos / ο Άγιος Νικόλαος [25]
    • Analypsis / η Ανάληψις [184]
    • Elikon / ο Ελικών [43]
    • Perachorion / το [279]
    • Stathmos / ο Σταθμός [3]
    • Tzimaiika / τα Τζιμαίικα [25]
    • Tsoukalades / οι [149]
  • Lafystion / Δ.δ. Λαφυστίου -- το [422]
  • Romaiikon / Δ.δ. Ρωμαιίκου -- το [301]


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