Nikolaos Gyzis

Dance of the Muses, Grandmother dancing with her Grandchildren, Joseph in jail, Joy, Wishbone,

The Engagement of the Childen, Examination of Dogs, After the Destruction of Psara,

Carnival in Athens, The Vow, Breads,

Study, Carnival in Athens, Nymph and Eros, The New Age, Learning by heart,

Houses in Megara, Room in Tyrol , Vernal Symphony,

Table with cake and two bottles, Man with hat and kerchief , Forced recruiting of christian boys,

Oriental man with turban and pipe, The Smoker, The orphans, Artist's psyche, Arachne (The spider),

Bavaria, Bavaria, Triumph of Religion, Triumph of Religion, Art and her spirits, Harmony,

Penelope weaving the shroud, Artemis Gyzis, The step mother, Pasrty man, Middle Easterner with fruits,

Boy with cherries, Capuchin monk, The barber, Eros and the Painter, Oriental Warrior,

Penelope Gyzi, Young Girl, Georgios Nazos,

Gyzis Olympia 1896, Über Land und Meer, Portrait, Study, Portrait, Study,

Nikolaos Gyzis with his family in Munich, Nikolaos Gyzis , Nikolaos Gyzis, Nikolaos Gyzis,

Nikolaos Gyzis and Nikiforos Lytras, Lytras and Gyzis in oriental dress,