Population: (2001)

sea level
5 m(centre)
Postal code: 200 09
Area/distance code: 11-30-27430 (030-27430)-3
Municipal code: 3005
Car designation: KP
Name of inhabitants:

Dervenioti f, -s m
Address of administration:
Derveni 200 09
(in Greek)

Derveni (Greek, Modern: , Ancient/Katharevousa: -on), older spellings, Dervenio, Dervenion is a village and the seat of the Evrostini municipality in the northwestern part of Corinthia. It is linked by an old highway while the new highway is the closest 100 m south and is less than 50 m from the tracks and the furthest at 100 to 200 m away while the interchange is about 1 km W. Distance from Patras is about 75 km E, NW of Stymfalia, 4 km N of Rozena, about 56 km W of Corinth and about 142 km W of Athens. It is bordered with the prefecture of Achaea to the west.

Historical population

Year Communal population Municipal population
1981 1347 -
1991 1060 5688
2001 1280 5882

Derveni was founded in the 19th century.

The village has a school, a lyceum, a gymnasium, a church, post office, banks, a train station, a beach and a square (plateia). The town is lined up within the highway and the shoreline.

A grassy green mountain is about 100 south of the centre while another mountain is in the southwest. Olive groves are founded in the west. Farmlands are founded east of Derveni. Some forests are lined up with the superhighway.


Radio Derveni FM 88.4 MHz

τα Μεντουργιάνικα [ 249 ]


Romos Fillyras (real name Ioannis B. Oikonomopoulos) (1888 - 9.9.1942), poet


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See also:

Evrostina (mountain), a mountain elevation at 400 m. It also has a weather tower.

North: Gulf of Corinth
West: Aigeira Evrostina East: Xylokastro
South: Stymfalia

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