Agesipolis II

Agesipolis II (Ἀγησίπολις)(d.369 BC) was Agiad King of Sparta from 371 to 369 BC.

Agiad King of Sparta 371–-369 BC

Preceded by: Cleombrotus I

Succeeded by: Cleomenes II

Pausanias 1.13.4

...Pausanias, who was in command of the Greeks at Plataea , was the father of Pleistoanax, he of Pausanias, and he of Cleombrotus, who was killed at Leuctra fighting against Epaminondas and the Thebans. Cleombrotus was the father of Agesipolis and Cleomenes, and, Agesipolis dying without issue, Cleomenes ascended the throne.

Pausanias 3.6.1

Agesipolis, the elder of the sons of Cleombrotus, is not a striking figure in history, and was succeeded by his younger brother Cleomenes. His first son was Acrotatus, his second Cleonymus.

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