In this family is found the poison hemlock (Conium) used by the ancient Greeks for the elimination of politicians, Scientific American , Suppl. 829, 1891

Sosthenes of Macedon
Sostratus of Cnidus

Doves Mosaic, Musei Capitolini MC402

Sosus (or Sosos) of Pergamon (see the Doves of Sosos)
Sotades (potter)

Sotades: symbols of immortality on Greek vases, Herbert Hoffmann

Sotades ()(poet)

Sotes , Attic Potter

Spendon of Sparta
Sphaerus (Sphairos) of Bosporus (Stoic)
Sphodrias of Sparta
Sporus of Nicaea
Staphylus of Naucratis

Stasime, daughter of Stasimos

Stasinus of Cyprus
Stasippus of Tegea
Statius (Publius Papinius Statius) , Roman poet of Greek origin
Stephanus of Cappadocia, stadion race winner 97 AD
Strepsiades of Thebes Pancration, Pindar Isthmia 7 Ode
Stertinius Xenophon
Stesichorus ()
Stesimbrotus of Thasos
Sthenelus (tragic poet)

Strabo a Greek Geographer during the Roman period (most of the important geographers of the Roman empire were Greeks, except Pliny and Pomponius Mela which use partly knowledge of Greek geographers)

Strabo of Amasia ()
Strato I Indo-Greek King
Strato II Indo-Greek King
Strato of Lampsacus


Stratocles, son of Euthydemus, from Diomeia.
Straton of Sardis
Stratonice of Syria
Stratonice (wife of Antigonus Monophtalmus)
Stratonicus of Athens
Symmachus of Messenia, stadion race winner 428 and 424 BC

Greek Vase Painter (real name unkown)

Sabouroff Painter (Attic Painter)

Salting Painter

Samos Painter (Corinthian Painter)
Sandals Painter
St. Petersburger Painter
Sansone Painter
Painter of Santaneglo 534 (Apulian Painter)
Sappho Painter (Apulian Painter )
Sarpedon Painter
Schacky Painter
Scheuerleer Painter
Schiller Painter
Schuwalow Painter (Attic Painter )
Seireniske Painter
Semele Painter
Painter of Sèvres 100 (Attic Painter)

Sirens Painter

Sisyphus Painter

Sokles Painter
Sosias Painter (Attic Painter)
Sotades Painter
Spinazzo Painter
Spreckels Painter
St. Audries Painter (Attic Painter)
Stobart Maler (Corinthian Painter)
Stoke-on-Trent Painter

Suessula Painter

Swing Painter

Sydney Painter

Syleus Painter
Syracus Painter

Syriskos Painter

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