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Panyassis (or Panyasis)
Pantacles of Athens, stadion race winner 696 and 692 BC
Paralus son of Pericles

Similarities with Metrodorus suggest that it only a
modification of Metrodorus named Parmenides , Image Source

Parmenides ()
Parmenides of Camarina, stadion race winner 528 BC
Parmenides of Mytilene, stadion race winner 312 BC
Parmenides of Poseidonia, stadion race winner 468 BC
Parmenion ( )
Parmeniscus of Corcyra, stadion race winner 96 and 88 BC
Parrhasisus of Ephesus
Parthenius of Nicaea
Paseas tyrant of Sicyon
Paseas , Vase painter
Paseas, father of Nicippe

Pasiades Painter

Pasion, a slave, later a rich banker
Paul of Aegina (Paulus Aegineta)

There is also a beast called the elk, in form between a deer and a camel, which breeds in the land of the Celts. Of all the beasts we know it alone cannot be tracked or seen at a distance by man; Pausanias

Pausanias ()

Pausanias of Orestis
Pausanias of Sparta
Peisander of Athens
Peisander of Camirus
Peisander of Sparta

Peisistratus Aqueduct

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Peisisatratus ()

Epaminondas saves the life of Pelopidas

Pelops of Sparta
Perdiccas I of Macedon
Perdiccas II ,
Perdiccas III
Perdiccas (general)

Pericles () & Pericles (Plutarch) - Age of Pericles
Perictione, mother of Plato and Adeimantus, wife of Ariston
Perigenes of Alexandria, stadion race winner 272 BC

Phalaris orders the death of Perillus of Athens who is the first victim of his invention

Perillus of Athens

Perseus of Macedon ,

Perseus (Apelles)
Persinus of Miletus
Petron / Petronas

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