Part 1 - Ancient Greece

Michael Lahanas

Portraits and Biographies

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Zeuxis chooses five models from Croton for his Helen of Troy

Zeuxis ()

Zeuxis (general)

Ziaelas of Bithynia

Zipoites I of Bithynia

Zoilos I

Zoilos II


Zoippus regent of Sicily

Zopyrus of Tarentum

Zosimos of Panopolis

Greek Vase Painter (real name unknown)

ZA Painter
Zaandam Painter
Zannoni Painter
Zephyrus Painter (Attic Painter)
Zürich Painter (Attic Painter)

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Portraits garden is perfect unless it contains a portrait of Aristotle or one of Pittakos. Juvenal

Aeschylus – Aristophanes,

Aristotle – Euthydemus,

Galen – Hypereides,

Isocrates -Lysimachus

Menander – Pericles,

Pheidias – Protagoras,

Ptolemy I Soter – Pythagoras

Sappho – Zeno

More artistic portraits of ancient Greeks

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