Part 1 - Ancient Greece

Michael Lahanas

Portraits and Biographies

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Nabis of Sparta
Naucleides (ephor)
Naucrates of Carystus

Naucydes (or Naukydes) of Argos
Neaera or Neaira of Corinth (Hetaera)
Nearchus (Agathocles)
Nearchus, tyrant of Elea
Nearchus of Tarentum
Neleus of Scepsis
Neobule (See Archilochus)
Neocles, father of Themistocles
Neocles, son of Themistocles
Neocles, father of Epicurus
Neocles, brother of Epicurus
Neocles of Crotona
Neon of Boeotia
Neon of Corinth
Neon the son of Philiades
Neon (Battle of Salamic , Cyprus)
Neon of Thebes
Neophron of Sicyon
Neoptolemus I, father of Olympias
Neoptolemus (Alexander the Great officer)
Neoptolemus II
Neoptolemus of Athens
Neoptolemus of Paros
Neseus of Thasos
Nessos Painter
Nicaenetus of Samos
Nicander of Colophon
Nicanor from Alexandria (maybe identical with Nicanor from Cyrene)
Nicanor of Macedonia ( )
Nicanor (general)
Nicias and Plutarch's Nicias
Nicocles tyrant of Sicyon
Nicocles, king of Salamis (Cyprus), son of Evagoras
Nicocles, king of Paphos
Nicocles , officer of Alexander the Great
Nicocles , grammarian and rhetorician from Sparta
Nicodamus of Maenalus
Nicomedes I
Nicolaus of Aetolia
Nicolaus of Athens
Nicolaus of Damascus
Nicolochus of Rhodes
Nicolochus of Sparta
Nicomachus, father of Aristotle
Nicomachus, son of Aristotle
Nicomachus of Gerasa
Nicomachus of Thebes
Nicon of Tarentum
Nicon father of Galen

Nicophanes of Megalopolis

Nicophanes , painter

Nicosthenes (potter)
Nicosthenes (painter)
Nicostratus the son of Diitrephes
Nicostratus of Argos
Nicostratus son of Aristophanes
Nonnus (Nonnos) of Panopolis ()
Nossis from Locri, poetess
Numenius of Apamea
Numenius of Heraclea
Numenius, son of Antiochus
Nymphodorus of Syracuse

Greek Vase Painter (real name unknown)

N Painter (Attic Painter)

Naucratis Painter (Laconian Painter)
Nausicaa Painter

Neapel Painter
Painter of Naples 1959 (Lucanian Painter)
Painter of Naples Santaneglo 371 (Apulian Painter)
Nekyia Painter
Nessos Painter (or Nettos Painter, Chimaira Painter or Chimaira and Nettos Painter) (Attic Painter)
Painter of New York 06.1021.159 (Attic Painter)
Painter of New York 07 (Attic Painter )
Painter of New York 23.160.41
Painter of the New York Centauromachy)
Nicholson Painter

Nikias Painter

Ephebos MAR Palermo NI2138, Nikon Painter

Nikon Painter
Painter of the Nikosia Olpe (Attic Painter)
Nikosthenes Painter (Attic Painter)
Nikoxenos Painter (Attic Painter)
Nimes Painter (Apulian Painter)

Niobid Painter (Attic Painter)
NYN Painter

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